Health Insurance

Getting ill can be stressful enough without having to worry about long NHS waiting times for appointments and treatment. Private Medical Insurance (PMI) gives you and your family the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can get fast access to high-quality treatment when you need it, where you want.

What can a PMI policy cover?

A Health Insurance policy can be flexible with what it includes. You may wish to have a fully comprehensive plan or one that only covers you for treatment & scans which is therefore cheaper. It is all dependent on budget and personal preference which can be tailored to accordingly.

A fully comprehensive policy can include the following:

  • Full In-Patient/Day-Patient Treatment
    Includes hospital charges (accommodation, meals, nursing care, drugs & dressings at a Private hospital or NHS Private facility), specialists' fees, diagnostic tests.
  • Full Cancer Cover
    Includes hospital charges, specialists' fees, radiotherapy & chemotherapy, some therapies/treatments not offered by NICE, ongoing monitoring/ needs, end of life care.
  • Full Outpatients Cover
    Includes consultations with a specialist, outpatient treatment by a specialist, diagnostic tests (including outpatient MRI, CT & PET scans).
  • Further Additional Options
    Includes therapies cover, mental health cover, dental cover, optical cover, travel cover and more.

*Please note that the levels and extent of cover is subject to the insurers terms and conditions and may have certain restrictions and limits in place.


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Health Core PMI is a leading PMI broker based in Sheffield with a wealth of experience in both Individual and Corporate UK medical insurance. Whether you are new to health insurance, want a comparison on your renewal or just looking for some friendly advice, our advisers are here to help.

With so many different policies on the market it can be time consuming and daunting when trying to find what you are looking for. Our highly trained experts at Health Core PMI Limited are here to help make things as simple and straightforward for you as possible. We understand that you dont want to hear jargon or industry slang that can be confusing and overwhelming for those with little experience in the market.

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As an independent broker we can truly offer unbiased and impartial advice as we arent tied to a single insurer which is great for customers looking for the best advice. By asking simple questions about the policy members' health, what you have &/or want from health insurance and your budget we can identify and advise on the most suitable policy available. Our close and unique relationship with the UK's largest insurers on the market has meant that we access to policies many brokers simply dont have so we really can find what is right for you.


We always put the customer at the forefront of what we do even if that means we advise you stick with what you already have. Its our aim to be your chosen broker every year.


Our advisers ask the right questions to fully understand your circumstances and expectations.


Health Core PMI Limited are regulated by the FCA and maintaining high standards throughout the company is our priority.

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